Me against me

Me against me


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Hello friends, in this post I am going to tell you about my experience about a hackathon in which I participated for 2 days organized by Nuwe .

I was very happy to be part of this challenge because it is a way to test my skills. Sometimes in my career, I feel good about my code and sometimes not so good, but I think we have to normalize this. I think these challenges are good for feeling good about myself, but obviously they depend on my outcome ๐Ÿ˜. I was happy because I could make this challenge and would be a good way to code close to reality.

The first challenge was the backend one, I could choose any language between Javascript (Node.js) and PHP, I selected PHP to use Laravel 8 as my code base, I felt good and confident in my skills, but when I started coding.. I ran into this challenge:

Generates the backend of the Perseo platform that allows the user:

  • Create a model / models that allow the user to save their academic and work history plus her personal data.
  • Configure the server, database, routes and API so that user data can be called from the front-end.
  • Generate a backend test system.

My solution:

When I read the challenge I thought it was easy and it was time to start. The errors, bugs and nerves begin. I had trouble with things that I normally didn't have. It's funny because maybe I did this structure many times, but I know that this code someone is going to evaluate me, My face started to shake when time was up, I started listening to music to calm down and managed to finish.

The second challenge was adding more features to my backend and integrating with the frontend, the platform brought me together with two more people Victor and Bartoo, my team, so I met two great frontend developers, thank goodness because CSS is not my best skill ๐Ÿ˜œ.

This was the challenge:

You and your team need to build Patricio's MVP so he can start billing ASAP. The MVP must have a backend: CRUD user control that also allows:

  • Log in
  • Check in
  • You must include a payment method for users to purchase courses.
  • In the user's profile it should be possible to see their work experience.
  • To be able to register with the Linkedin / Github account.

In the registry, if you register as 'admin' you have access to a control panel where you can edit the profiles of other users.

Interface: Design the UI that allows users to interact with all the functions of the Backend, the main colors of the Frontend have to be green, white, black and blue.

Our solution:

I felt confident in this case because I had a lot of backend code and my new friends are very good with the frontend, we did the best we could with the time we had.

You read this far and ask why "me against me", because I think it is the best way to improve my skills, we all have our experience and routes, we have to find our route and enjoy our way, remember what you know it is possible that someone may not know and your team can support you and that knowledge could use in future. You don't need to compare it with others, but I am sure if you compare yourself it might be better next time you try it, not just in a competition, but in the same way in your career, never give up.

By the way this was my result:


Would you like to try or write below about your career experience or challenges?

I hope you enjoy my post and remember that I am a developer like you.